ATM Programs

ATM Programs - Your ATM. Your Way.

ATM Network offers a variety of ATM programs to meet your needs. Maximize your earnings potential with an Own and Load program. Minimize your day-to-day operational requirements and up-front costs with a Turnkey program. Or choose a hybrid option. The experts at ATM Network can help you make the right choice – contact us today.

Maximum Profit, Maximum Reward – Own and Load

Our most popular ATM program, the Own and Load program puts you in complete control! Purchase the ATM of your choice, just like you would purchase other equipment in your store, then choose your options and extras.

What makes the Own and Load program right for you?

  • Maximum profits – you keep ALL your surcharge
  • Maximum flexibility – you decide what ATM, what options, and what surcharge to set
  • Fewer bank trips – you load the ATM with cash from the store, so you spend less time making deposits at the bank
  • Total support – you have 24/7 access to your data through our online portal and access to our expert tech support
  • You’re already qualified – anyone can participate in the Own and Load program

What Can We Help You With?

toll-free service and support line

(800) 929-0228

Other ATM Programs

We understand not everyone is interested in owning and managing their own ATM – that’s why we offer a range of ATM program options to fit every need. Program options include:

  • Full Turnkey Program
    We own the ATM and provide total maintenance and support, you relax and enjoy increased foot traffic and revenue
  • Placement Program
    We provide the ATM and perform necessary maintenance and repairs, you load the ATM with cash
  • Cash Assist Program
    You purchase the ATM, we load the cash and perform maintenance and repairs

Depending on your choice of program, you can minimize your upfront investment, your ongoing responsibilities, or both. Of course, each program includes a tradeoff in revenue potential versus the Own and Load option.

Program Qualifications

Everyone qualifies for the Own and Load program! If you are interested in another ATM program option, there may be some additional requirements. We will need to know:

  • Are you open at least 5 days a week and do you average over 100 customers per day?
  • Are you a cash only business (no credit cards accepted)?
  • Are you currently operating an ATM and have records showing at least 200 withdrawal transaction per month?

The experts at ATM Network have helped thousands of small business owners and managers find just the right ATM program, and we can do the same for you. After all, we are both most successful when you are most successful – ATM Network is committed to your success!